Rules and guidelines

Before the fun can really begin at one of our Meetups you may read our rules and guidelines beforehand. They help to make our Meetups an unforgettable experience for every participant and inform you about your rights.

General Meetup rules

  • Each participant should adapt their clothing style according to the event. Strictly forbidden are obscene, sexually themed clothing, as well as revealing outfits that massively violate prevailing norms - in the sense of an event without a sexual context. This includes accessories and objects that emphasize the same. (Harness only above the above the waistline, unless it is necessary for the suit) 
  • If there is an admission check, each participant must be able to identify themselves at the admission with a valid photo ID or passport. 
  • The common rules of conduct apply. Do not touch or hug strangers/suiters without permission. Always ask if you are not sure whether a person is okay with being touched. Also, support each other if someone is disoriented. 
  • Each participant should know and control their own limits in terms of alcohol consumption, behavior in public places and wearing a fursuit for long periods of time and in a warm environment. 
  • Rheinfurs e.V. is not liable for theft in any way, not even for items inside the changing rooms. Keep your valuables with you and do not leave them in public. Anyone who removes suits from changing rooms etc. without the owner's permission must expect to be reported to the authorities.

Rules not included in this list do not lose their validity. You should always inform yourself about possible special regulations for each event. If you have any questions, you can also contact us at!

General house rules

  • Anyone under the age of 18 are not admitted to Meetup locations where alcohol is served. (We reserve the right to check identification to determine age)..
  • Guests who willfully destroy or damage furnishings or decorative items are liable for the damage caused and will be banned from the premises. In serious cases, we reserve the right to press charges for destruction to property.
  • Anyone who attempts to disrupt the operation of our event, e.g. by verbally harassing or physically assaulting other guests or staff, will be banned from the premises in any case. In serious cases, we also reserve the right to press charges for trespassing or assault.
  • The directions of the staff, in particular the security personnel, must be followed.
  • The instructions and notices of the venue manager must be followed in the same way as the RheinFurs staff.
  • The possession and carrying of weapons, weapon-like objects (in particular explosives, firearms, knives, pepper and irritant gas sprays, etc.) or objects that could threaten the safety of other guests, the venue or staff is strictly prohibited in our event location. Dangerous objects will always be confiscated if discovered at the entrance control; the security staff reserve the right to search your belongings in order to rule out any danger to other guests.
  • The posession or sale of substances that violate the Narcotics Act (Betäubungsmittelgesetz) is strictly prohibited on premise and in the immediate vicinity of our event venue.
  • Photographs and film material will be produced during the entire duration of the event. The visitor is hereby aware that Rheinfurs e.V. will produce photographic and film material during the event or have it produced by third parties. Upon entering the venue, visitors consent to the production, reproduction and publication of the photographic material created during the event in any type of medium by Rheinfurs e.V. or by third parties, to the extent that the publication is related to the event.
  • RheinFurs e.V. reserves the right to exclude individuals from events, regardless of the fact that one of the listed rules has been violated or for any other reason.